Pies and Cakes

We handcraft our organic frozen yogurt pies and cakes to order! With advance notice, we let you choose your favorite crust, flavor layers, mix-ins and toppings to make a delectable and healthful treat that makes any celebration a little sweeter. Dairy and vegan items are available. Contact us for more info and pricing. 72-hour minimum notice on all orders.

Pie Crust Choices: Graham Cracker, Chocolate (add $1), and Gluten Free (add $4)


All pies include one flavor fro-yo and include one “mix-in” and whipped cream + one topping on top. Additional toppings are $1/each.


9″ = $17 and $20 Vegan


All cakes are “iced” with whipped cream, have 2 layers, and can be 2 different choices of fro-yo. One mix-in and one topping on top are included. Additional mix-ins and toppings are $1/each.


4″ round = $15 for Dairy and $17 Vegan
9″ round = $30 for Dairy and $32 Vegan

Please call for today’s flavor availability and custom orders.

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