Our Artisan Yogurt

Beyond Organic

When you eat Piccadilly frozen yogurt, you taste the delicious difference that fresh and organic ingredients can make. Our goal is to use fewer and higher quality ingredients. Instead of preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial coloring, chemical additives, and other junk no one can pronounce, Piccadilly’s small batch ice cream and smooth frozen yogurt is made from organic milk and cream that is free from growth hormones or antibiotics, fair-trade organic sugar, and organic fruit. That’s it! And all of our ice cream and yogurt flavors are gluten free.

By using dairy products from heritage breed Guernsey cows in neighboring Ohio, Piccadilly’s goal is to support local organic farms. We call it “beyond organic” because it’s more than just buying organic milk. It’s a lifestyle and a mindset that speaks to a way of thinking as well as eating. We believe that what we eat matters. If you eat better, you will feel better, look better, and live better.