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Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt & Creamery is not just fro-yo & ice cream. It’s an experience.

We are local, frozen yogurt and micro-batch ice cream shop that uses liquid nitrogen to craft fresh, organic yogurt and ice cream in an amazingly cool way. By combining high-quality ingredients with liquid nitrogen, we handcraft a deliciously rich, creamy product that almost magically forms before your eyes below a cloud of fog.
We founded Piccadilly based on the principle of bringing high-quality, local ingredients to yogurt-making and ice cream while sustaining local, organic farms. Our yogurt and ice creams contains on average 6 to 7 ingredients, whereas most others contain 25 or more. Our simple approach not only makes for great frozen yogurt and ice cream but an unforgettable experience for you and your guests!

All of our yogurt and ice cream comes from the highest quality milk and cream from cows on our partner farm in Wilmot Ohio, the heart of Amish country, just 96 miles west of the 412. Our heritage Guernsey cows produce a rich milk that is unlike anything else. We low-heat, vat pasteurize and minimally process to mantain the delicious flavor and nutritional integrity of the milk, cream and other ingredients used in our frozen and ice cream.

Nitrogen makes up 78% of the air we breathe. When you cool the air down to -400 degrees, the gas form of nitrogen turns into a clear liquid. It is liquid nitrogen that we pour into our products. You see, when mixing in nitrogen to freeze our products, the freezing process happens almost instantaneously and therefore no ice crystals have a chance to form. The result is amazingly creamy and rich frozen yogurt and ice cream unlike any other.



We handcraft each ice cream and yogurt with liquid nitrogen using the finest local and organic ingredients to create a creamy, unforgettable treat.


● ● ●
Frozen Yogurt Flavors
Peach ● Mango ● Sea Salt Caramel  Cheesecake ● Pumpkin Spice   Apple Cinnamon ● Vanilla Bean  Chocolate  ● Strawberry  ● Tart   Key Lime ● Sweet Cream  Pomegranate ● Chai ● Chocolate  Raspberry ● Pineapple

● ● ●
Vegan Frozen Yogurt Flavors
Peach ● Mango ● Pumpkin Spice Chai ● Apple Cinnamon ● Coconut ● Chocolate Raspberry ● Blueberry ● Key Lime ● Strawberry and Chocolate

● ● ●
Ice Cream Flavors
Silk Chocolate ● Madagascar Vanilla Bean ● Fresh Mint Chip Ghirardelli Cafè Mocha Caramelized Banana ● Crème Fraiche ● Goat Cheese with Honey and Fig ● Caramel Sea Salt Strawberry Balsamic ● Pumpkin Spice ● Biscoff Biscotti

● ● ●
Cookies & Cream ● Nutella Fudge  Caramel ● Fresh Whipped Cream  Roasted Pecans Peanuts  Chocolate Chips ● Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ●  Organic Sprinkles  Mango ● Strawberries Pomegranate Seeds ● Brownies Gummy Bears ● Cap’n Crunch Golden Grahams


Invite us!  Piccadilly catering is perfect for weddings, corporate socials, mitzvahs, staff, volunteer or client appreciation, meetings, music, food and art festivals as well as backyard barbeques!

Come party at Piccadilly and let us host your next event in our shop! Piccadilly’s cool, family friendly and hip atmosphere makes it a great place to gather. Our Upper Deck area in our shop is the ideal place to host a birthday party, family gathering, book club, sports team celebration, troop meeting, poetry slam, play date or any special occasion! Our self-serve machines provide the ultimate in do-it-yourself fro-yo, meaning your guests take charge and fill their cup just the way they like it. We always offer a plentiful variety of 100% organic, all natural dairy and vegan yogurt flavors and a wide array of fun tasty toppings that include gluten free and vegan options. Our liquid nitrogen ice cream is also always available for parties too!

More YUM!

Piccadilly has additional fun and festive offerings to make any occasion a bit yummier!

Pies and Cakes
We handcraft our organic frozen yogurt pies and cakes to order! With advance notice we let you choose your favorite crust, flavor layers, mix-ins and toppings to make a delectable and healthful treat that makes any celebration a little sweeter. Dairy and Vegan – contact us for more info and pricing.

Piccadilly’s Magical Popcorn
Gourmet popcorn enchanted with liquid nitrogen creates a super frozen and super fun confection for any event.
Young and old alike will marvel at the spectacle and delight in the fun, crunchy sensation frozen popcorn brings for a one of a kind treat.