About Piccadilly

Sometimes Simple is Best

Owner Lyl Rose brought Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt to Pittsburgh as an offshoot of her own personal approach to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. That approach includes eating locally produced “real food”. Why worry about deciphering the 20 man-made ingredients in your ice cream or frozen yogurt when you only need 6 or 7 natural ingredients to make it?

Sometimes simple is best. Rose and the Piccadilly family and staff set out to support local, organic farms while making high-quality frozen yogurt. Grass-fed, heritage breed Guernsey cows in Ohio supply Piccadilly with antibiotic- and hormone-free milk and cream. We use all organic sugars, fruit, and other ingredients, such as the ethically sourced organic coconut milk in our vegan frozen desserts. The result is some of the creamiest, richest frozen yogurt and ice cream that you’ll ever have, without artificial colors, preservatives, or emulsifiers. Our yogurt and ice cream are gluten free, and we are happy to talk to customers about other specific ingredients in our products.

Piccadilly’s focus on healthy, natural treats doesn’t mean that we are fussy. Our fun and airy space is open year round and has lots of seating, reading material, and games. We want you to not only enjoy mixing toppings and flavors, but to stay a while and chill-lax! Our upper deck has a large farmhouse table that’s perfect for parties, meetings, or family gatherings.

Our goal is to make fresh, high-quality frozen yogurt, ice cream, and other goodies that are good for you as well as for the environment.